Prof. Ibrahim Shaikh

Knowledge Creates Knowledge………


IBRAHIM closed



Assistant Professor

Department of Automobile Engineering

M.H.Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, Mumbai

University of Mumbai, India

Phone: +91-02223012922


PROF.SHAIKH IBRAHIM ISMAIL graduated from University of Mumbai, India and got Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently persuing his Ph.D. degree from University of Mumbai in Knowledge Management under the supervision of Dr.Harivasudevan.

He has taught various Engineering subjects at Undergraduate Level.He was also a visiting Lecturer at M.H.SABOO SIDDIK POLYTECHNIC,Mumbai.He has guided various undergraduate projects.He has developed Lab Manuals for subjects such as Engineering Mechanics,Strength of Materials ,Engineering Drawing etc,

He is an active member of SAEINDIA for last 13 years and  Life Member of ISTE.

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